FYEO Basic iridology analysis, scanning
and reporting software program

For Your Eyes Only (FYEO) BASIC Iridology software provides tools for the iridologist to allow for analysis of the iris, pupil and sclera through the scanning of the iris for color intensity and setting up and printing iridology reports easily and quickly.

Some of the main world-leading features of FYEO BASIC iridology analysis, scanning and reporting software include:


  • FYEO I-Scan function - within seconds the software scans the iris, takes an average iris color intensity and then calculates a positive or negative value for each organ segment displaying graphically and numerically whether the organ state is acute, normal, pre-chronic, chronic or degenerative. Recommendations in your chart templates (software comes complete with general recommendations but you can custom insert your own) will be automatically added whenever the scan readings are below or above normal levels. All this information is added to your iridology report by clicking on Instant Report.
  • FYEO Chart Manager ® - a link between the iridology chart overlay and the report. This provides data templates for each organ area of the iridology chart. It allows you to use the pre-installed recommendations for each body organ or custom input your own treatments or recommendations, diets, herbs, vitamins etc. All this information shows up in your report instantly when you click on Instant Report.
  • FYEO instant organ identification never get lost when looking at the iris. At any time just click your mouse on any area of the iris and the body system and organ will be instantly identified or as you move your mouse around the iris you can see the body system and organ in the lower menu bar.
  • FYEO Instant Report ® creating iridology reports has never been so easy even if you know nothing about iridology. The Instant Report function automatically produces a report in seconds. This report includes client details, their iris images, scan results and recommendations for both right and left irises. Perfect for the herb, vitamin or health food storeowner who can produce a quality report for his or her clients that will indicate weak areas of the body, and provide recommendations for these weak areas.
  • FYEO Client Manager ® - manage your entire client database with one easy software tool. The Client manager function allows you to store unlimited data on each client, including their scan results, reports, images, personal data, notes, treatments etc. You can at any time, quickly look up any past client and view their irises, reports, scan results and other data. Managing your client database has never been so easy.
  • FYEO Zooming Tools Zoom into your iris image for easier identification and analysis
  • FYEO Image Adjustment tools use tools to improve image properties including color, contrast, brightness and other image tools
  • Printing Reports and Images all reports and images can be easily printed
  • Email function the software offers a quick method to email your Instant iridology report complete with iris images, scan results and recommendations to your clients if needed