Dear Frank/staff:

I am so iriscope equipment came yesterday! Fedex actually came on Saturday, but I was out of town, and they came back yesterday, Monday. That was fast!!

P.D. U.S.A.


Dear Dr Navratil,

Thank you very much for answering my questions in such detail. I am impressed with your prompt and courteous responses. I have decided that I would like to go ahead and purchase this system. I am going to fax over my credit card authorization today.

G.J. North Carolina, U.S.A.










S.O. U.S.A.



I have reviewed your courses and they are wonderful. You will be receiving a letter from use stating that your courses are approved and highly recommended for continuing education for members of IATTP. Your institution will be added to our educational webpage in the next two weeks and a link to your website. I am honored to have our members study your courses.


C.B, Ph.D., NHD.



Dear Frank.

Thanks for the parcel. Got it two days ago. Looked at all the CD’s, worked out my program to study and got going. There are some things that I just cannot see, but as I progress it should get clear to me what you see and mean. The more I learn, the more I am thrilled with this “new found” suppressed knowledge. What thrilled me most is your book “The eye for a eye diet”. This book is in a class of its own. From the beautiful color and layout of the outside covers, the preface, the contents, the humor, the plain easy to understand language, right to the index – is the best I have seen in this (diet) field. I hope that this book will find its way to every home. I will surely “insist” that my clients (patients) go home with their report as well as this book. But first I have to finish the course. Can’t wait for that day.

My daughter, offered to pay for the FYEO New Millennium iridology analysis, scanning reporting software. I think it will greatly assist me in my studies. Please let me have an order form.

R.H. South Africa


Dear Dr. Navratil,

Thank you for your prompt and courteous response to my questions. I have just purchased a copy of your book and I like it very much. I am interested in learning more about Iridology and may take your CD Rom courses in the future.

N.B. England


Hi Frank,

Thanks a lot for your help. I am 63, neglected my body so much, I don’t deserve to live. For the last two years I have been on Dr. Robert Beck and Dr Hulda Clarck protocols. I am sure you are familiar with them. With their machines I was cured from diabetes, high blood pressure, rectal prolaps, rectal bleeding etc. etc. So I believed the 2 homeopaths. Then I saw your book and I ordered it from After a careful study, I thought, perhaps I should have my eyes check with an iridologist. I could not find one in Pretoria, the Capital city of South Africa. A few homeopaths were listed but I wanted an independed person. Then I decided to go to best I could find. We have a company in Pretoria “Natura” who manufacture health medicine in a big way, and I went there, after they promised to take photos of my eyes and email it to me. I wanted to study them in detail. The owner, a homeopath, 86 years of age, (he bought a 2 engine aero plane the week before – and still pilot planes weekends – remarkable man, could not get his new camera to work, so I had to go again and somebody in his factory took the photos. The color is bad. My beautiful blue eyes, with not a brown spot on them, does not show a tint of blue, it all red-brown. But I had the shock of my life. When I looked at the pictures in your book, I felt sorry for those people with all the craters and lose hairy eyes. I thought they must really feed bad about their eyes. If mine look like that I would cover it with dark glasses and show it to nobody. When my photos came – they looked worst. Grade E. I read your book with the picture on the screen the entire time – checking. I decide there and then, I will do your course and open up a clinic, helping people. My eyes and your book are in perfect harmony. Everything is true. As soon as I know more I will order the rest of the equipment. Looking at the children and grand children’s eyes, they will need me permanently. I will have my wife’s eyes photograph this week and will email it to you. She got headaches since childhood. I will attach all relevant information to help you diagnose her. Thereafter I will send photos of my grand daughter who is also in bad health – due to bad eating habits, I think.

The main story is, I am so thrilled with this new knowledge, I can’t sit still. Thanks again. God Bless you and your family.

English is our second language. We speak Afrikaans. So please forgive language mistakes.

R.H. South Africa


Hi Frank,

I am writing to you after reading two of your books. -The Bowen therapy book and the iridology book.- I wanted to say how easy to read both book are and how informative they are too. At the moment I am training as a Bowen therapist in Sheffield England, so I bought your Bowen book first. I enjoyed it so much I bought your iridology book even though I had no interest in iridology at all. Well that is not the case now. I was absolutely fascinated by the second book it is so well laid out and written that I was able to get my head round what you were saying in less than a day, and use the book as reference. And it helped me to think I could do this too. I am also very interested in nutrition though I am not a nutritionist or any thing. Well when I have finished the Bowen Training I will probably buy your course in iridology. So thank you for wanting to share what you know with the world, it helps ordinary people like me to have much greater understanding of our bodies and how they heal.

Best Wishes

F.L England


Dear Frank,

I have bought your book (For your Eyes Only) and found it fantastic!. I looked up your website and find that you are selling complete systems for irisdiagnosis, so I would be very keen to buy same from you. I need to know if it is compatible with U.K/Irish electricity system and if its shipped from Europe or USA?

Looking forward to hearing from you, sincerely,

H.B Ireland


Dr. Frank,

I received the iriscope and software and my certifications last week and am in the process of getting familiar with using them. Thank you so much!!

Hope you have a great day!


A.C. U.S.A.


Dear Prof. Frank,

I hope new year 2005 brings you more good luck, i wish & hope you will have more success in iridology and natural health. Nothing more special from my side. Still i am trying to learn about iridology and try to introduce about natural health. Be in touch always if you need anything from my side.

Have a nice day. God Bless you & your family.

Regards, G.M South Africa


Dr. Frank,

I received your package and I‘m beginning my studies. You are a God send. Thank you for all the time & effort you put into these educational CDs to enable us to help others.

I‘ll be in touch.


C.D. U.S.A.



My name is E.S, I am originaly from Brazil, living in California now.

I bought the book: Bowen Therapy: Tom Bowem‘s gift to the world and from there I found your website. I am very excited about the Bowen thechnique, but I also want to take your other courses.

What could I do to take them? How do I pay? How long does it take for me to receive the cds? I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your attention.

ES California, U.S.A.



I had the pleasure of doing my Iridology module with Mark Nicolson, through whom I purchased your most excellent book „ For your eyes only“, I believe that with your book, and an excellent tutor. I gained 97% for that module. In the New year Sir I shall contact you again regarding the purchase of one of the two digital Iriscope systems, your charts, and your courses. Thanking you Sir, for your dedication to such a fascinating subject.

J.C. Australia



thanks for your quick reply. This FYEO program is perfect for my needs and a pearl in itself. Later on I will get some of the CD-Rom´s that could be handy to have in the computer as an information as you said. Especially the ones about signs, iris constitution and perhaps also brown eyes.

But next month or so I will get your flash cards as a starter. And your book about Bowen seems to be very interesting. It seems to be a technique that could be used at any place, quite practical I must say.

And as an appetite I might at some time order your book about exercise and food. My wife is just now using the Weight-Watcher with points and I have to her annoyance quoted your words that „life is too short to count points“.

Thanks for an excellent program and service.


S.M Sweden


Hello Dr. Navratil,

I would like to compliment you on the much nicer job the new program does with identifying the iris and laying down the grid. Thanks for sending me the new FYEO iridology software program.

A.I. U.S.A.


Dear Frank,

Please let me take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed „For Your Eyes Only“. I can honestly say that it is the best book I have read on iridology to date. So, THANK YOU for this great gift!

Best regards.

S.B. U.S.A.


Dear Frank,

Thank you for your prompt attention.

I love the FYEO software....You are a genius. !

Hope you had a nice stay in America.

If you ever have any seminars in New York,

Please let me know.....

Thanks again,

A.K New York, U.S.A.


Hello Dr. Frank

I have returned from my trip and have received your package. I just started looking at the CD this morning and this looks really interesting and I look forward to getting started in a day or so.

Your website is outstanding, the format of the Modules looks outstanding and you must have done a lot of work and study over the years to be where you are apparently at in your profession and life. Too bad you are not located in L.A. (but that too is a good thing!) so I could offer to „sweep floors“ and „beg“ to study with you personally.

Have a great weekend where you are and thank you.

M.A. Los Angeles, U.S.A.


Good Morning Dr. Navratil:

I‘m not sure of the current time in Prague, however, we will be faxing two Credit Card order forms this morning.

One will be for the mobile Iriscope -complete set with your FYEO software. The other form, for the balance of the orders including the A4 Chart. Two different visa cards are used.

Thank you for your patience and for working with us. I was really impressed with your Iridology 3 CD ROM course and book. Noticed that this was based on the European Study which is great. I will be completing this course, by the way& cerification, as evidently, I will require it for the camera and software. Not only is this a great review, but I am still learning new perspectives and it just seems so much more entailed. What a great new challenge and enhancement!

Thanking you once again, and looking forward to more learnings,




I have been selling Frank Navratil BSC. N.D.´s products as a distributor for about 3 years and have sold about 30 items of Frank´s so far this year, - for overseas

customers I email the details to Frank and he sends direct to them -

anywhere in the world - and he charges my credit card.

He has established a permanent reputable international business

and college, natural health is his life - so I assume he is impeccably

honest - he always has been with me. He lived in australia - and did much of his training here - before returning to the Czech Republic

Jack Shoulten Distributor

Mindbodyspirit Internet Bookshop and Magazine


Dear Dr. Navratil,

Thank you so much. You have been very inspiring and a great help. I truly enjoyed your courses. As a matter of fact, I began using the iridology equipment and feel it is a very helpful tool. I will definitely spread your name around. I might be interested to learn more about herbs. If you have anything to offer in that field, please let me know.

All the very best,

LM, Israel


Dear Frank

I´d like to thank you because your iridology report helped me to put a plan for healing . My health is improved and there´s much less stress in my life . In Fact , stress was my biggest problem but now I´m facing it with meditation and the result is remarkable . Thank you again .

Best regards,

FA Saudi Arabia



I bought your book (Bowen Therapy) and it was delivered today. I have read three quarters of the way through it and I had to force myself to put it down to go to bed. I am so glad I bought it, and I thank you for writing it. I will read it over and over, and have my employees read it.

Best regards,

A. K. Canada


Hi, Frank,

Can I request for your complement to sign your signature on the book of "The Eye for an Eye Diet", before sent to me ?. Thanks

Your contributions to the science of iridology make me admire & respected, and recognized as one of the best iridologist researchers in the world.

Best wishes,

C.T. Malaysia


Hello Frank,

Thank you for the good news! I am very happy to have passed my exam but will miss taking the course!

I really enjoyed the course and thought it presented a lot of material in an easy, clear to understand manner.

Thank you again!

Kind Regards,
Jenny, Netherlands