IRIS MISTR® - magnifying lens and light source for iris analysis

Irismistr Irismistr


  1. A fantastic analytical tool for the iridology beginner or professional
  2. The IRIS MISTR allows you to closely analyze someone else's eyes
  3. Includes precision made magnifying lens.
  4. Includes the finest quality manufactured flashlight made of aircraft grade aluminum, which is sealed for maximum water and shock resistance and anodized to prevent corrosion.
  5. High intensity long-lasting light bulb with adjustable lighting ability from floodlight to fine focus spot beam to superiorly illuminate the iris, pupil and sclera of the eye.
  6. Spare bulb safely secured in lower cap of flashlight.
  7. Fully adjustable patented lens and flashlight assembly to allow the iridologist ability to analyze the eyes at a variety of angles.
  8. One year warranty
  9. Batteries are not included (2 AA batteries required)